Sunday, December 23, 2012

Year end review of 2012

Here's a little look back at 2012 in pictures I gathered. I'll add some text over the next few days.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hildegard Berner 1922-2012

My mom peacefully passed away last night. She was into her 90th year. I will miss you mom!

You did a great job raising 5 kids and grandmothering 8 grandchildren and seeing 1 great granddaughter. You taught me families should eat dinner together and a balanced meal should include vegetables. As a boy I felt safe. I remember when you would come into my bedroom to close the windows during summer lightning storms and make sure I was tucked in. You were part of the "greatest generation" that experienced the effects of the depression and saw a victory in WWII. The dream of a picket fence and healthy family was fullfilled. You kept me on track and involved yourself in my early days of school. When little boys still like having their moms come to the classroom, you were the elder and experienced mom other mom's look to for suggestions. When you took me to McDonalds on lunch dates that was always special. Just you and me. Trips "downtown" for new school clothes was special too. Popcorn, hotdogs, and hobo pies always tasted better around the campfire. Boyhood Christmas will never be better than how you decorated the house and trimmed the tree. I fondly remember you and I on the edge of our seats watching all the 1980 olympic hockey games and the "Miracle On Ice". Thanks for the iced-tea in summer and warm cookies in the winter. You weren't very good at hiding chocolate candy from me though. Thanks for being there and supporting me even though I boggled your mind with my passions and path through life. It was your time to go and now you are in a better place. Say hello to Dad for me.


Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in pictures

Oh great! New Year's Eve is tonight. It's my least favorite thing to participate in because as long as I can remember I'm that guy at midnight with no one to kiss. I end up being like the character Cyril in the movie "Breaking Away'. After the Cutters win the big race, Cyril has no family or girlfriend to celebrate with in the crowd of well wishers so he is left to celebrate in lonely awkwardness.

So, I'm highlighting a few moments from 2011 and sharing them with you in awesome awkwardness

I don't know if anyone has noticed how crappy my SONY camera has become over the year. It has a focusing issue or something in addition to that dirt spec on the inside of the lens. I will not buy another SONY camera. i really liked the Olympus camera I had before. Hopefully I can get a new camera sometime in 2012 for some better photos.

Cheers and Happy New Year.